1. When u kiss us for the first time we close our eyes from a second then open one to see if ur eyes are closed, if they are we get the thumbs up that u like us back and add more passion to the kiss thats why some girls realise first kisses getting better with every second that passes by.
2. In a relationship whenever a girl is away from us they’re always on our mind, no matter how hard we try, she’ll always be the first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing before we fall asleep sure guys tell girls this but its not bs if a good guy tells you this while looking you straight in your eyes hold onto him cuz hes the one who will cherish every moment he spends with you and will remember every second. ♥
3. don’t be afraid to tell us what’s wrong. whether were your bf or best friend if someone hurt u in any way we will fight for you and even if we end up in the hospital we wont care because we know youll be right by our side when wake up. no matter wat you can trust a guy tht cares for you well always be there to catch you when you fall. ;)